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Proudly serving Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara, London, Brantford, Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Burlington,Oakville, Mississauga since 2005.

Hamiltons First Vocal Talent Agency

Phone: (905)549-5576
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Male Voices

  • Katie Rae - Commercial; Narration0:59
  • Christina Payne - Commercial; Narration3:42
  • Melissa Verwey - Commercial; Narration1:20
  • Michelle Fanning - Commercial; Narration1:59
  • Alayna Munce - Narration; Soft3:55
  • Brenda Brown - Narration; Audiobook0:50
  • Carol Brower - Narration; Audiobook1:31
  • Krista Cranston-Laposi - Narration; Audiobook0:56
  • Nicole Spooner - Commercial; Narration1:16
  • Yolande McLean - Commercial; Narration1:00

French Talent

  • Jim Knott - Cartoon; Character1:03
  • Katie Rae - Character; Cartoon1:06
  • Megan Davey - Cartoon; Character2:00
  • Micheal Schwalbe - Cartoon; Character1:41
  • Sergio Martinez - Character; Impressions1:51

Female Voices

Here at Hive we have a roster of great non-union voice over actors that are available to add that professional VO to your production.  Contact us and we'll help you find the perfect match for your needs.  If you are an actor or just have a great voice, contact us about submitting or creating a demo.

Character / Cartoon

  • Bob Moore - Commercial; Narration1:18
  • Chris Simon - Commercial; Narration4:33
  • Darrin Adis - Commercial; Narration2:03
  • Gregory Cruikshank - Narration; Voices; Audiobook4:15
  • Jim Knott - Commercial; Narration1:03
  • Michael Brown - Commercial; Narration1:08
  • Michael Schwalbe - Commercial; Narration1:46
  • Mike Fortune - Narration; Audiobook1:34
  • Wayne Matthews - Commercial; Narration1:02

  • Florence Roullet - French; Female2:45
  • Sebastien Skrobos - French; Male1:48
  • Mathilde Danet - French, Commercial, Narration1:33

We also have phenomial musical talent for pretty much any instrument and genre.